Goldshell KD6 will be released in April 2022

Goldshell KD5 and Goldshell KD-BOX have been popular this fall. The revenue of KD5 has always been the top of all machines, and the price of KDA has even soared more than 10 times in just one month. Before investing, we should know, what is KDA?

KDA is a token launched by Kadena’s official platform. It was listed on coinlist on November 04, 2019, and KDA token sale was started. The total supply is 30 million KDA.

Kadena (KDA) is a leader in distributed digital ledger, the industry’s first secure, scalable platform and simple smart contract language to help institutions improve efficiency with blockchain. Kadena has both public chain and alliance chain solutions. Kadena’s alliance chain can be integrated with the public chain network and become a part of it, creating new market use cases. Kadena has received $15 million in financing from SVAngel, CoinFund and others.

kda is the current noble coin, because its R&D team is from major well-known institutions, backed by Morgan Bank of the United States, and the potential is very huge, so goldshell KD5 and goldshell KD6, which will be out of the factory in 2022, will definitely detonate the next round. The mainstream machine of the KDA craze. On the basis of KD5, goldshell KD6 will improve more computing power and lower power consumption, making KD6 closer to home use and better humanization.

According to internal information, the computing power of KD6 has dropped to an astonishing 25T, which is nearly 30% higher than that of KD5. Let’s wait and see.

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