METX.US invests 3 million US dollars to establish a joint venture, intends to enter the cryptocurrency field

On December 23, Capital State learned that on December 22, the US-listed METX.US company announced that it will sign an agreement with industry experts on December 20, 2021 to establish a joint venture specializing in research and development. , Produce and sell cryptocurrency mining machines.

Industry experts have extensive experience, diversified backgrounds and good track records in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Zhijun Liu, vice president of Hummingbird Mining Machine, is an expert in cryptocurrency mining and has rich resources and experience in the development and supply chain of cryptocurrency mining machines. Yunning Li is the former chief marketing officer of ChainPlus and Dragon Social and has extensive practical experience in the blockchain industry and cross-border marketing and sales. Manning Liao has worked for Dell and Hong Kong Satellite Television and has extensive experience in the technology, knowledge and research and development of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining machines.

According to the agreement, METX.US will invest US$3 million in the joint venture, holding 21% of the equity in the joint venture, and may choose to acquire the equity held by other parties to the joint venture agreement under specific conditions stipulated in the joint venture agreement.

As of the close of US stocks on December 22, METX.US’s share price was $0.261, an increase of 0.15%.

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