Bitmain Antminer Z15 Equihash Miner

Brand: Bitmian

Model Number: Antminer Z15

Minimum Order: 1 pcs

Price:  7000usd-9000usd



Algorithm: Equihash

Power Consumption: 1510W

Hashrate: 420K

Encryption: Yes

Basic Infomation

Type: Used,Brand New

Place of Origin: China

Payment & Shipping Terms

Delivery Time: 1-15DAYS

Payment Terms: USDT,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Product Description

Bitmain Antminer Z15 420K of Equihash  algorithm with power consumption of 1510W

Antminer Z15 is the third generation miner based on equihash algorithm of bitmain.In August 2018, the first generation equihash algorithm miner Z9 was launched, Z9mini was launched at the same time, and the second generation Z11 was launched in April 2019. Later, Z11e and Z11j were launched.Equihash algorithm is mainly used for mining in Zec (zcash), and it can also be used for mining in its currency using equihash algorithm.

Zec (zcash) was developed on the basis of the original bitcoin code base and released on October 28, 2016. On the premise of protecting privacy, Zec users can decide to disclose some information at their own discretion, such as choosing to hide the receiving address, transaction information or balance. Zec can realize economic benefits and transfer money quickly and reliably.

The antminer Z15 420k needs external power supply, while bitmain distributes apw7 power supply.

The Z15 420k is similar to the previous generation Z11. Due to the need for external power supply, the bare metal machine’s tall body is concise and capable. The physical size is 240x136x290mm and the weight of the whole machine is 5.9kg.

Antminer Z15 420k has built-in 3 hashboards.The hashboard type of antminer Z15 420k is consistent with Z11, and three independent heat sinks are installed on one side of the chip position.Single side heat sink shows that the antminer Z15 is not sensitive to ambient temperature and has low requirements for heat dissipation.

There are three chips on the hashboard of Z15 420k. The chip size is similar to the computer CPU chip. The chip model is BM1746AA.

Manufacturer Bitmain
Hashrate 420K
Power 1510W
Interface Ethernet
Algorithm Equihash
Size 133 x 245 x 290mm
Weight 9kg
Noise level 72db
Temperature 0 – 45°C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

  1. In Stock models will be shipped in 2-3days from Maxwell warehouse.
  2. Used Miners will be shipped in 5-7 days.
  3. Brand new miners has 6-month warranty.
  4. All will be tested twicebefore shipping at least .

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Bitmain Antminer Z15 Equihash Miner

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